About Us


The Thomson family - Angela (that's me!), Phil and our nine kids have been displaying Christmas lights and decorations outside our family home since 2006...and with each passing year and with each trip overseas our collection has grown exponentially! So, when we moved from the hustle and bustle of Auckland to the friendly Kiwifruit Capital of the world in Te Puke, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand in 2016 the tradition continued. 
In 2017 my passion developed further with the opening of my first retail store! The shop was originally named "Aberdeen House Christmas Shed", but everyone found that a bit of a mouthful and it didn't really reflect the true personality of the magical little world we have created! So, in early 2020, the shop was renamed "Christmas Magic Makers."
The shop has a Bavarian village town square setting and every 'shop'/alcove is themed. eg. a Nutcracker alcove, a Santa alcove, a Lemax display that stands 8 feet high on three levels, scores of Santas and elves and so much more! The ceiling is awash with hanging glittering snowflakes, coloured baubles and sparkly lights. It is a visual extravaganza and must be seen to be believed! 
In 2020 we created a brand new North Pole Snow Cave - an interactive experience featuring Santa's Elves Workshop (with animated elves), the Muppets in their very own theatre, moving polar bears, penguins and reindeer - and of course Santa Claus relaxing in his living room!
In 2021 we added two extra rooms to this magical experience - Santa's Snug and Sweet As Lane. With each area having its own theme with buttons to push to make things whirl, twirl, sing and dance - our magical shop and grotto hopes to provide family memories for years to come :)
In 2022, the Snow Cave was rearranged to add even more exciting and wondrous attractions - with the main feature being a magical Polar Express electric Christmas train in its very own village setting.

2024 has lots of new surprises in store - so come and check us out when we re-open in September!

I hope to see you in the store this year - even if it's just to pop in and say hello! 

Angela (aka Ms Elf) :) 

P.S. Phil also runs his own outdoor party hire business - Aberdeen House Party Hire - which has been serving the greater Bay of Plenty area nearly 365 days of the year for the past five years. Go check it out!

For the 8 months of the year that Christmas Magic Makers is not open I can be found lurking at my computer fervently searching for more unique, vintage, quirky and fantastical Christmassy items to sell in the shop for when it opens its doors each September.